Explore Belgium : Top Music Festival Destination

When you hear about music festivals, what do you think about? Caravans, bands, lots of people and loudspeakers that are out of this world. Welcome to Belgium Music Festival 2017.

Belgium in Western Europe, is quite a view to the traveler, in fact it’s a time machine that will set you back by a couple of thousand years. The grandeur of the Renaissance everywhere you see, the mellow lifestyle, the grey bridges and canals that were created long ago still stand there with the test of time. It is not only is headquarters of NATO, but as you descend down from north to south of the country you might wonder if you have crossed into another part of Europe as the culture and the language change from Dutch to French to German. But one thing remains constant, the beer and the chocolate.

Everything revolves around the capital of course, the city of Brussels. And at the heart of it all, the people like to celebrate the seasons with different festivals and what else can bring people together like the festival of music. So the Belgians celebrate the year over uncountable music festivals, uncountable because they are dedicated to the numerous genres of music.

Most of the music festivals kick in during the second half of the year. A total number of close to fifty festivals celebrating the joy of music and each dedicated to a particular genre of music as well as most of them celebrating and showcasing the talent of selected bands.

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Though one of them stands out, “Tomorrowland 2017”. Mostly celebrated in June, Tomorrowland is an electronic music festival. This takes place in Boom, Belgium.
Make sure that you are above 18 and you reach the site before 21h00 to get in, entry after that is not allowed as stated on their website. Re-entry starts only after 15h00. Lockers are available to keep your bags and clothes.
Another major one to highlight is Rock Werchter 2017, as the name suggests the theme is around celebrating rock music. It’s held in the town of Werchter, Belgium. Again this kicks in towards the end of June. A showcase of rock bands from all over the world.

If you are going to miss either of them, then watch out for the other major attractions, Pukkelpop 2017. Celebrated in the mid of August, in Kiewit, Belgium. It’s a nice getaway to camp and watch various bands perform for over three days.

So if you want to get away for a nice vacation then look Belgium this summer, and what else can make it more memorable than spending it with fun frolic and music.