First timers guide to tomorrowland

Tomorrowland is a capriciously over the top Electronic Dance Music festival.It’s an event that creates an extravagant musical and eccentric playground embassy. EDM fanatics, social butterflies and whimsy music lovers from over more than200 countries all over the world visit the festival grounds. Firstly you need to plan a couple of months ahead before the festival begins as the tickets get sold very fast. Very fast I mean within seconds.


Entry to the site depends on you having the Id which matches with your name on the ticket. Hence take a moment to check and then re-check that you have packed it all correct before you step onto the grounds of the giant musical festival.The rush will be huge and the queues will be large there will be more than 69,999 people in the queue behind you waiting to get in, thus it can be expected that the security will be very tight and no excuses will work if you have left your ID at home.


More than 40000 people would be staying at the camping grounds known as DreamVille You can also choose to stay in the nearby places and hotel accommodations close to the festival site.


Before heading towards the main festival you need to pick up your Bracelets and in order to take the bracelet you will need a valid ID proof which can be anything either your passport or your license or anything else which can be used as valid identification number. The Identification proof needs to be provided by everyone who enters the queue for bracelets irrespective of the fact whether on whose name the tickets are purchased. A maximum of four tickets can be purchased under one name.And do not forget to take a picture of the bracelet, so that if in case you lose the bracelet the security can track your details and provide you with a new shall require bracelet both during entry as well as during exit from the festival grounds


The festival has its own currency which is used inside the festival ground.The currency is called Pearl and it’s pretty expensive. €100 for 65 Pearls. All the purchases inside the festival ground are done in this currency.The bracelets which you get while entering the grounds can be topped up with this currency and you can also check the available balance in certain areas inside the festival ground