How to prepare yourself for a solo trip as a female traveler

Tired of working the daily routines. This woman’s day it’s time to travel trek a solo experience. Think about a journey than brings out the ‘you’ in ‘you’. Planning your next solo trip but have queries about it? Be your own guide, caretaker and fun partner You can be your own guide, porter and fun buddy, when on an individual adventure. If you have the traveler in you than once in a lifetime you should have a solo trip with a thorough ground preparation before you start towards your holiday destination.


Change the mode of your monotonous to and fro journey:

The fixed mode of travel from the office needs a change to check your comfort level to cover your journey on foot. So if you travel by bus or any other public transport than get down before the common stop you get down every day and explore the area in and around.

A nearby city should be explored first

Before setting up your foot for a long time adventure why not gives it a try first with a short trip to a nearby city for a day or two. The weekends are usually off for the people and are the best time to try for this short trip. Provide yourself the adequate time to explore the city and observe the people and get to know the streets and lanes and make a checklist of your observations. The destination of your solo trip if is in the hills than the best way to enhance your trip is go on a local hiking trip.

Do activities by yourself:

There are group activities, than there are solo activities. The initial start for heading towards a solo trip needs to start with one starting with activities all alone. The initial start can be with small activities like watching a movie alone or going to a dinner alone to approaching strangers for asking directions to reach your desired destination.

The share and care routine needs to be followed:

The solo trip journey’s are time when not only your traveling alone but also have to depend on other co-travelers. If you have had a habit of having your own room, shower well than that’s going to take a turn now as you may have to share your “own” with fellow travelers.

Thorough research on destination: 

​Before dropping at the decided location a compact and thorough study needs to be done about the place as you are traveling alone. The study not only helps you to filter the places you wish to see but also gives in debt knowledge of your traveling destination, which helps you take the necessary precautions and saves time. It is also advised to keep a paper map when you are travel ling alone to know the routes and directions in case your android devices fade off.

Lastly the packing should be done according to your needs:

Traveling with heavy loads often becomes difficult hence it is always advisable that the backpack is as light as possible. The backpack should only have the essentials one is likely to need during the trip.​